How a Real Estate Company Works

Real estate is property — land and the buildings on it. It also includes any natural

resources within the boundaries of the land, such as water and crops. People who

work in the industry use their expertise to facilitate the sale or purchase of

properties and earn a commission for their services.

To get started in the real estate business, you need to find clients. The best way to

do this is by building relationships with individuals in your sphere of influence (SOI).

This can include family, friends, neighbors, classmates, colleagues, and social media

contacts. Also read


Once you have a network of clients, it’s important to keep in touch with them

throughout the sales or purchase process and provide quality customer service. This

will ensure that your clients continue to refer you to new buyers or sellers. To do

this, make sure you have a robust CRM tool in place that will let you track client

activity and nurture leads with relevant campaigns based on lead source or


Continuing education is an essential component of any real estate career. It helps

you learn new skills and expand your knowledge base, increasing your

professionalism and marketability as a real estate professional.

The earliest stages of the real estate business involve the property sale process. A

homeowner who wants to sell their property typically seeks out a real estate agent,

often by recommendation or online research. The agent and the seller negotiate

terms of an exclusive right to sell contract, which binds both parties in the sale


As the real estate business grows, you’ll need to hire employees. This may mean an

assistant to help with documentation and scheduling or a team of sales and

marketing agents. Regardless of the size of your real estate company, it’s crucial to

invest in a CRM that will allow you to organize and analyze your leads and automate

follow-up with qualified prospects.

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